Internet forums are great places to meet other riders, share ideas and get up to date information. Here are forums which I can recommend:

The latest forum dedicated to all things hydrofoiling:

The longest going forum (mostly French but English as well:

The largest kite forum I know of with a dedicatic hydrofoiling section:

And if you do not fancy a kite (or don't have wind), here is a forum dedicated to electric hydrofoils:

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My name is Christoff. I started kite hydrofoiling in 2012 and love the sport. I used to stay in Cape Town and would enjoy a year round season of kiteboarding thanks to my hydrofoil. I now kitehydrofoil in my new home town of Abu Dhabi

I don't get to answer emails as well as I used to so please make use of one of the forums above if you have any questions regarding hydrofoiling.

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