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Buying a hydrofoil can be just as intimidating as riding one. The price tag is very high, and there is so little information available about which one to go for. 

I will try to provide as much information about the available foilboards as I can, but I also want to stay unbiased. Since I have not been able to personally ride nearly enough different foilboards, I will have to try to combine the reviews I get from different people. If you have a foilboard, please write to me and let me know what stands out for for about the hydrofoils you have tried.


For flat water riding, this is definitely my favorite foil. It is the not a beginner foil, and for large chop and ocean conditions it is not one I would choose to use. However it is a full on racing foil, very fast, but also surprisingly stable. After making numerous foils myself, I can really appreciate the well thought out design elements and construction of this foil. I can see why these have a long waiting list. I can highly recommend this foil. For all US inquiries you can contact Spotzusa(at)gmail.com. 


Delta Hydrofoil
This is probably the first hydrofoil manufacturer based on mainland USA. The design is definitely made to go fast.






MHL Customs
This is the place I bought my first hydrofoil from and it gave me excellent service. It is a good beginner foil, but unfortunately I have outgrown it completely now. It is nice and solid and could survive being washed out in massive shore-break waves. The main thing I have against it is that it twists quite a bit, and I think the torsional stiffness should be a bit more. Apparently the newer models have been made stiffer in this regard. I see the newer model can disconnect the keel from the fuselage, making transport easy, and I think have have faster wings now as well.


Magma Foil
A Spanish foil. I do not know too much about this one, but it looks solid and by all accounts should be a great foil to learn on. What is nice about this foil is that the T-piece can disassemble unlike most foilboards that have their keel and fuselage parts permanently joined together. This makes the Magma great for traveling.



Moses Hydrofoil
An Italian made foilboard. I have only heard good things about these foils.  Their beginner foils are good to learn on, and the foil itself floats making strapless starting a bit easier. They have released a racing foil recently as well.


Kêtos by Orana
Another French foil. Again I have very limited info about this, but the earliest videos I saw of any one doing an air-jibe (jibing and switching feet whithout the baord touching the water) was Marc Blanc on one of these foils. They do both a free-ride and a racing foil.


Alpine Foil
This is another beautifully made foil, which should have good top speed, but sounds like it could be easy enough for beginners due to them making the wing larger than a race foil would typically have. It can be fully disassembled and comes in the best carrying bag I have seen. I personally like the idea of a larger wing (for light wind and easier learning or handling difficult situations since you can go slower), but still have the design as streamline as possible so get a nice glide feeling and excellent speed/upwind performance.


Zeeko Makaira
The first kite manufacturer to offer a foilboard. I think the 2012 model could do over 30 knots! The 2013 model can be fully disassembled, and offers both a racing wing and a free ride wing making the Makaira very versatile. The fact that you can get a foil that can fully come apart, and have race and beginner wings on one foil must have made this foil very popular. The foil is actually taken off the website since the the waiting list to get them has become so long.

If you need to be the fastest guy on the water, then this is probably the foil for you. An out and out racing machine, and attracting some the big names in kite racing. It took the 1st and 2nd place in the Kite hydrofoiling world cup in 2012, and many kite race-board riders seem to be getting their hands on this foil. Apparently Johnny Heineken got himself one and left the weekly race fleet behind. Given the price and how sore wipe outs can be at speed, I would not suggest this as a first time foilboard.


This looks like another very good quality French made foil. With foils being made since 2007, I think they should be very well designed by now. They set function above aesthetics which I think is very important, and offer different models for use both in kite foiling and windsurf foiling.



This is the original kite hydrofoil manufacturer. Thanks to these guys for growing the sport when everyone was still figuring out how to ride a twintip!

These have been unavailable for the past year or two, but a new product should be launched soon.


An Italian board manufacturer that is also offering foils now. Just like the other Italian foil manufacturer, this hydrofoil is light enough to float and looks well made. 



Although designed for towing behind a boat, the differences between a foil for boat hydrofoiling and kite hydrofoiling is minimal I believe and I think the boat hydrofoils are much stronger than most kite hydrofoils (and heavier). These guys were making a stand up hydrofoil board in 2002 already which probably makes them the earliest available commercial stand up hydrofoil manufacturer.


Next Foils
If you though stand up hydrofoiling was new, then you have not heard of Mike Murphy. He started stand up hydrofoiling in 1966! Long before any kites! He co-founded AirChair and Skyski and now you can get his foils from NextFoils. 


Groove Foil
A new foil manufacturer based in Italy. You can see the inspiration drawn from Johnny Heineken's board and foil (Taaroa).




KiteFoil Australia (KFA)
Another new kitefoil manufacturer, obviously based in Australia and drawing inspiration from the Taaroa foil. There is not a lot of info on the website yet, but they have a facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/kitefoil. With three riders using this foil at the kitefoil race in Mexico this year it seems they have focused on making a fast foil which is not so easy to do.


A new manufacturer from Spain. With a mechanical as well as a naval engineer and a naval architect on the team I am sure the foil is well designed. It looks like they know what they are doing.


Alex Aguera Foil
A famous kite raceboard shaper now turning his attention to hydrofoils. It looks like a good design, with beautiful finishing.




Liquid Force
The first mass-produced aluminium hydrofoil for sale. The price looks good on this one.



After a long time in development, the first big kite company is ready to launch a hydrofoil. It looks well refined from the pictures that I could see.


BoatLab Australia
Looking for a foil that's made to order by naval engineers in Australia? Contact these guys.



F4 Fins
From the construction description on the website and design it looks like these guys know what they are talking about and I expect to see them as a major player on the racing scene soon.





Cape Town Foilboards
If you are looking to get custom made G10 fins as an upgrade to your existing hydrofoil, then this is the place you can get it. They will also be launching a full hydrofoil with carbon fiber T-bar and G10 wings soon.




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